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Hello Seniors,

I have been seeing some fuss on old ACS and or experience deducted in DIAC for 189 as per new ACS criteria, even though our ACS hasn't deducted any experience. I have Feb 2013 ACS which hasn't deducted any of my work experience of 4.5 years, can I use the same for applying to Visa 189 and 190? Will there be any problem? I have only 60 points for 189 and 65 for 190. My education is Electronics Engineering and I am working into Software. However, I saw few positive cases with similar background who got grant last month, but some are saying that it need not be always positive as some CO asks for new ACS and or reduces experience as per new ACS guidelines. Does this depends on CO? What I should do? If I go for reassessment, they will reduce all my 4 years and I will be losing 5 points which would leave me to 55 for 189 visa. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go for 190 now as it is closed for ICT in NSW.

Thank you for the help.

Best regards,
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