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Hi guys ...

I've been finally told by my CO that my EA assessment is successful, for professional mechanical engineer, but the letter is not ready yet. I applied long back in Aug 2014 and due to some odd reasons my case was delayed. Firstly, i received the comment letter after 2 months of delay by post, in which he asked for all three new episodes and summary :S then finally when i prepared the new CDR my CO went on vacation, finally Yesterday i got his positive email but no letter.

I asked my CO to provide me the outcome letter by email, but he said that the letter cannot be sent via email (I didnt submit my case using MSA online) and i have to wait for the post (which, last time took 2 months). I requested to provide me the date only, and i hope he will provide me. But, in case he doesnt, can i proceed with the EOI by providing today's date?. Definitely, the date will be predating the invitation.

i would like to know if it is necessary that the skills assessment date provided in EOI should be same as mentioned on outcome letter or it is acceptable as long as it is predating the invitation date? .... because, if only predating is the condition, then i guess i can take the risk. Because, lets say i get the invite in 1 month time, definitely my letter will be predating as the decision is already made ....

Anyone had been in a similar situation?. your feedback would be appreciated.

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