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Environmental management opportunities

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I have recently received positive skill assessment from VETASSESS as Environmental Manager and looking for SS as Environmental Manager / Scientist / Advisor are not listed in SOL.

While searching for job opportunities, I have across a strange fact that most of the relevant jobs are concentrated in Perth WA and then NSW but don't offer SS against them. On the other hand SA and Vic are offering SS against them but I am unable to find reasonable number of job opportunities there.

Please advise whether I should apply for SS and subsequent immigration now or just wait for the policy changes in coming July (hoping for the best)?

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Any suggestion folks???
You could try apply for a job with an employer directly and gain sponsorship through the employer (457 subclass visa).

That way you won't have to worry about the SOL.
Hi, could anyone advise me on the route of skills assessment to take? I have a bachelor's in environmental engineering and master's in environmental management and work experience with state & central government (environment) and the UN.

Should I get my skills assessed as an environmental engineer or scientist or manager or consultant? Any inputs would be really helpful.
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