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After a long absence from this forum I have a new question(!)
My Thai wife (Thai passport) has a full 5-year Carte de Sejour with 'member of family of European Union etc) valid until 2022.

We wish to go back to the UK at the end of July for two months.
Can you confirm my interpretation of the following?
Has anyone actually used this method?


I am a EEA National as defined in:


I read all this as saying that my Thai wife would be allowed into the UK for a visit (by virtue of her French Residents card) if she is accompanying me - and of course in any case we have all marrriage documents etc etc.

I have an informal contact at Visas and Immigration in Liverpool who says it would seem this method should be ok but to 'check with the experts'......

Troule is I have tried to call/email Visas Sheffield/Croydon but only automated unrelated menus (no option to talk to a human being...). Have written to the Home Office...."up to 20 working days to reply...) ditto local MP.

Any thoughts appreciated. thanks
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