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We urgently need some help!

We are in the process of obtaining a Permanent Resident Card for Canada (summer 2010). But now my husband has been offered a terrific job at the European headquarters of an American company in Paris. We need to decide before October 1st!

Problem is that we are having a 15-year old son who’s now attending 11the grade in what Americans would call a ‘prep school’ in Belgium.
We have different options:

1) we stay in Belgium and he continues his 11th en 12th grade while daddy is travelling to Paris by Thalys. After graduating in Belgium, we move to Canada.
2) we relocate to Paris, where our son would attend an international (American) school.

Of course we prefer option 2, because this will give our son the opportunity to practice his English and graduate with an American Level A high school diploma. He’s quiet fluent in English, but he’s not used to the specific vocabulary of schools and lessons.
But: some of the International Baccalaureat schools tell me that he can not graduate in those 2 years because you need to attend 2 fulltime years, and he can only start on December 1st.
But: the Victor Hugo School (EaB, Ecole Active Bilingue) told me that it would not be a problem to enter in 11th grade and to officially graduate in 12th grade within those 2 years (so by summer of 2011)

I noticed that the University of Toronto or Vancouver ask for for example and American Curriculum with a graduation from an academic or college preparatory program + SAT 1 (or ACT + Writing) + specific for his study (Biology) senior level Math (Pre Calculus) with minimum grade C+ and Chemistry and Physics (1 year). Can you obtain all this in 2 years of high school?

At this moment, I seem to prefer to American High School diploma, because International Baccalaureate seems to be impossible, they want to place him back to 10th grade because of graduation recuirements.

Anybody who’s attending American / English speaking high school in Paris?
Who has experience with all this or who wants to share his or her taught?

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OK, I don't have children, so I don't have "hands on" experience with the schools in France - however I would be a little bit careful of the claims of the EaB in Paris. My understanding is that the EaB's in France are generally French curriculum schools that teach in a language other than French. I would think it would be very difficult to enter a French curriculum school so late in the game.

It probably wouldn't be all that bad a plan to have him put back a year if he changes schools. At 15, he's on the young side for 11th grade, and IIRC (someone will confirm or correct) the Canadian school system has 13 grades in the usual sequence. And it would give him a slightly less frantic last year in Europe if he could "experience" grade 13 in Canada along with having some local advice and monitoring for the university admission process.
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