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HI Guys, I have gone for a ENS visa (this is a sponsord visa, because of my age) I have found a job in Perth and my sponsor has agreed to take me on, all the paper work has been signed and agreed, (my job is on the wanted list) I lodged my application with the help of a visa agent on the 9th june 2009 it has been 5 long months now and still no result, i have tried to talk to my CO but with no result, I can talk to the guy on reception after giving passport details he looks at his computer screen and says everything is going fine but can't tell me how much longer it will be, (with not applying on line i can not check the progress of my application)
My sponsor is very patient but i can tell she is fed up of waiting for me but says she will wait as long as it takes, Which is very reassuring, christmas is coming and i was hoping i would be in OZ by then.
Is any one else having this problem?

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