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Hey Guys,
I currently live in the state of Victoria. I am currently on a journey to get my PR here. I just wanted to know if I can apply for 190 subclass visa in Victoria, under any of Accountant Occupation list? I have done my research to get this answer from official website but not sure why I cannot see the lists.

If not, apart from 189 Independant visa, what are my other options to apply for PR here in Vic?

Below is my scenario:
1. Accountant Graduate - Masters degree - 2 years course
2. Currently on Temporary Visa (485) - expires in 2022
3. Been working since February 2020 - sometimes 20 hours per week, sometimes not
4. been in Australia since 2018

It will be of great help, if i can get some advice. Thank you so much :)
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