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English speaker looking for work opportunities in Lyon

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I am an American native English speaker looking for work in Lyon. Due to life's circumstances, my partner (French native) is currently living in Lyon, while I'm stateside. I would like to join him by this summer, if I can secure or have a reasonable idea of where to look for work. I'm willing to do nearly anything, although I am especially qualified to work in communications, media relations, and public relations. I also speak German.

If anyone has any names of companies, employers, or resources for English (or German!)-speaking workers (I barely speak conversational French, though I am continuing to learn) or knows of any job opportunities, input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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To be eligible for the necessary work visa, you're going to have to be qualified to do something specific - something that isn't readily available in the French workforce. Other than getting transfered over to France by a US employer, your chances are very slim in finding work unless you speak at least passable French.

Other than that, your best chances are either a fiancé visa or a spousal visa (assuming, of course, that you're ready to get married). Those would give you the right to work, though finding a job would still be something of a challenge.

You may want to consider making one or more short trips over to visit him, and use that time in France to scout out the employment possibilities for yourself.
expat newbie also

Hi Alice, I'm an American who's recently moved to Lyon, and I'm in the same boat as you (the only difference being that I'm already here). I don't have any kind of formal certification or experience teaching English, but I'm looking around for opportunities, perhaps tutoring or teaching in one-on-one settings. If I find some that might seem like a fit for you, I'll let you know. And if you hear of some, let me know, too. :) Thanks a lot in advance, and good luck!
Hi, I'm also an american en route to Lyon for school and am looking for english teaching opportunities (as the student visa allows for 25hrs/wk). From what I've gathered from combing through blogs, the online tefl/tesol programs are not that highly regarded and I wonder what in-class options others are aware of in Lyon.

My background is healthcare law so I can't boast teaching experience (hence why I'm looking for a quality CELTA course to bolster my CV).

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

Brit looking for work in Lyon

Hi , I am a 19 year old Brit , looking for work in Lyon , I speak a little French and I am currently learning. I am willing to do any work in order to life in France with my husband . I am educated in child development , health and social care and English language. I have previously worked in retail , hospitality and as a part time child minder while still studying . Any information that may help would be extremely helpful , thankyou in advance :)
Hi Alice,

Same boat here, just 5 years later. Do you have any advice?
I really hope your relationship is still going strong. I would love to hear more about it!!

I look forward to hearing from you about your experience!!

I am also a Brit in Lyon. Work is brutal. The question I am always asked is "Can you teach?". Seems to be lots of opportunities for teaching in private sectors.

There are some opportunities but mostly doing account management or sales:

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POkerAlice; you might be better off looking for a job in either the UK or Germany and travelling on w/e's. It might be easier. The French economy is not great!
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