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hellooo, once again we needs your valuable and helpful information in completing our application for uk fiancee visa.

4. Academic qualifications taught in

4.1. Which qualifications are accepted as evidence that the
applicant meets the English language requirement?

The applicant will meet the English language requirement if they:
 have obtained an academic qualification recognised by the National Academic
Recognition Information Centre for the UK (UK NARIC) to be equivalent to the
standard of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or PhD in the UK; and
 provide the specified evidence to show that they have the qualification and that it was
taught or researched in English.

My fiancee lives in Rwanda and she was awarded with a bachelor degree taught in English in accounting, finance and business management.

Now, using the UKVI point base calculator, ( which uses NARIC tools) to award points for meeting the english requirement, we scores 0. meaning her degree was not deemed to meet the level or be equivalent to a UK bachelor degree.

Now we opt to do the English Test, but i spent hours on the internet searching for an approved test centre in Rwanda but without success.

Please share ANY Idea here what we can do now.

Thank you
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