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Dear friends,
Hope you all are doing good.

Visa Status:
476 (Skilled - Recognised Graduate)


A) MSc in Supply Chain and Logistics Management - The University of Warwick - United Kingdom
B) BSc (Hons) in Information Technology - The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation - Malaysia

I am planning for Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) on the basis of Master's Degree under Washington Accord.

However, I have received this reply from Engineers Australia:

Please note, you will not be able to apply via the Washington Accord based on your Master qualification as Masters from the UK are not accredited as standalone qualifications. Your undergraduate degree is a Bachelors of Science. Engineers Australia generally only assesses Engineering Qualifications.

If your degree from Malaysia is listed under the Malaysian accredited courses, you may be eligible to apply via the Washington Accord. If it isn't listed or was completed prior to 2009 you may be eligible to apply via the CDR Pathway.

I have already replied EA (no reply yet, been a week) with supporting evidence claiming that:

1) I was awarded 476 Engineering visa on the basis of my master qualification being listed under Washington Accord and accredited by Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK.

2) Furthermore, my bachelors was a dual degree program which means that I have studied in Malaysia but also received a degree qualification from Staffordshire University, UK whose courses are listed under Washington Accord.

I am not able to understand why I was awarded 476 visa under Washington Accord when I am not eligible for EA Assessment as a production engineer and/or engineering technologist.

I need your kind support and guidance on how to proceed? Can any one also let me know passing through a similar situation?

Kind Regards
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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