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Hi guys,
During my last communication with my assessor, they advised that the potential outcome of my application is engineering technologist (ET) since the requirements in the competencies 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 have not been met.
I replied saying that I have written 21 paragraphs on these 3 sections as shown in my summary statement and I believe my skills surpass an ET and I should be assessed as a PE.
I was surprised today to receive the result being assessed as an ET with no feedback or an explanation. They basically disregarded my comments.
I called my assessor, who as always, is not available. They advised me to apply for an informal review.
I was wondering if anyone has had successful appeals and if its worth it for me to pay those 300$ and wait for 8 weeks. Is it really an independent assessment or is it reproducing what EA has already mentioned?
I was extremely dissatisfied with the service provided, but I guess that's another topic for another day.
I'd really appreciate any feedback from people who have appealed their applications before.
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