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Hi i have finished writing my 3 career episodes and i am nearly ready to submit.

i am just really unsure if i should be paying for the standard career assessment which is $750 or the one with the relevant skilled employment assessment for the extra $280 i have rang engineers Australia up but they didnt really make it any clearer.

i am a electrical engineer, i have been working as an electrical consultant for 4 years and my company sponsored me through my degree which i completed in Jan 2017 ( BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering 2:1) prior to that i worked as an electrician for 5 years.

I am going to apply for the 189 visa i will have 65 points , age:30 points Degree:15 English:20

do i need to pay the extra or not? what will i gain?

thanks in advance for anyone who can clear this up
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