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Hi Dears
i have lodged my application as professional telecom engineer with Engineers Australia. i definitely attached the for the following for my first career:
1- experience and reference letters with all required details.
2- 3rd governmental party letter confirming my period within this career.
3- salary certificate endorsed by my employer that salaries paid by cash and no commitment or responsibilities for social security or tax .

The officer back to ask me again for the same documents as bellow:
Please provide the Colour Scan of the following original documents (Arabic and English translation )
A-Income Tax Return Acknowledgement
B-Social Security Insurance Report covering this employment period OR Retirement Contribution Report covering this employment period.

Now i dont have bank statement or 3rd party evidence to provide anymore, and i do need this experience to be considered to claim points. i guess you are familiar with such cases. what is the best last chance you think i can provide them to consider this period?? and if you suggest some form of letter, i hope you can attach it as well.

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