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Dear all,

I am a management engineer with around 7 years of professional experience.
I am applying for visa 189.
Since without professional experience I will reach only 55 ENOI points I need to ask to EA to recognize my experience.
I am applying within the sub category Engineering manager because I have experience about IT business analysis, financial analysis, management consulting, IT project management, corporate strategy and Budget management.

Do you think it is the right choice for me?

Moreover I am writing career episodes. One of them will be related to an Information tech startup that I have consulted during my university experience providing business planning and strategic services, the other is related to another university project related to construction of large nuclear plant and the last one is related to the a project of an IT impleamenation for an important customer where I was involved as PM.
Do you think my episodes are suitable with this category?
If someone has some career episode related to this category and may share with me I will be more than thankful.

Please let me know
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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