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End of service benefits / gratuity?

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If you please, I have a question about the end of service benefits that I am entitled to. I am a Western expat working for a large multinational company .

My employer recently gave me a 30 days notice of termination from my unlimited contract (non-free zone company). The ostensible reason for the termination was that approximately 4 months ago I told my company (in writing) that I was considering pursuing a Master's degree in my home country. If I was accepted to the Master's program, which I estimated carried less than a 50% chance, then I would leave the company around September 2012. If I was not accepted, than I said I would like to stay on. I still do not know if I was accepted or not.

When then notified me of the termination, they said they had already hired a replacement that would begin working in the same capacity next week. They also said that they were very happy with my work, so there were no work performance issues.

Can you please clarify what end of service benefits I am entitled to? Is this a just cause for termination? How does my notice of potentially joining a Master's program help or hurt my case?

Thanks and regards.
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Thank you for your responses. I will investigate further.

As for why I notified my company of my intentions, it was a gesture of goodwill and complete transparency. I was hoping they would treat me in a same manner, but alas they did not. It is a pity because I find out in May if I am accepted for the Masters program or not (and they knew this.....)

I have worked for smaller, more personal companies my entire life (until now) and perhaps should have changed my strategy for dealing with this large, soulless corporation ;)

At any rate, a lesson learned, and hopefully I get into school! Will update with any progress.
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