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I worked with an IT giant for 4 year and 2 months. I left the company in Jan 2012 and went to pursue MBA from UK. I returned couple of months back and now I am thinking to migrate to australia.

I read some posts responsibilities and duties written on a stamp paper instead of company letter (if company and also the managers deny giving such letter) and getting it signed by a colleague.

My problem is that I was never on a stable project and my responsibilities were different in each project. However, I am interested in working as a Business Analyst. I worked in a similar role for a production support project for a year and Australian immigration wants minimum 3-5 years for a particular role. I thought of writing duties and responsibilities regarding Business Analyst only (or Software Engineer) for throughout my tenure i.e. 4 years and 2 months. But to write incorrect responsibilities and duties on a stamp paper and getting it signed from a colleague, would not that be considered as a fraud? I am in a great dilemma regarding what to do because I also have to convince a colleague to sign on legal stamp paper containing duties that I have not performed at Infosys. Please help me on this.

I also think that writing duties for a particular occupation and getting PR and then working in a different occupation once in Australia, would not be a problem. Would it?

Please advise.
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