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Ok, so I'm not an expat yet in Cyprus, I have a holiday planned with my gf but am looking at it as a serious possibility for living in Cyprus together in future, i.e to get in before Brexit.

So I was wondering what it is like for employment prospects in Cyprus? Is it easy to find work? I am in my late thirties so have a fair amount of skills and experience. So any job would be of interest to me than no job of course. I would imagine that if we moved to Cyprus it would be around the Limassol area.

My main area is architecture & construction in which I am qualified but do not have a lot of experience. I can either work in the manual side of construction or the basic drawing up plans side of architecture (drafts-person, etc) I am not sure though whether there is much call for draft persons in Cyprus or whether larger companies abroad tend to do the work.

If anyone has any idea about how easy it may be to secure employment in Cyprus on whatever front then it would be good to hear.
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