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Employer Reference for Sub Class 175

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Can I use the letter i avail for study purpose. For some reason I cant let my employer know about immigration application. So, i ve requested letter for further studies. My employer has mentioned it on letter.

What if i remove that part [study purpose] myself in photo copies?
and what what would happen if they call my employer and got know that they have issued the letter for study purpose?

please help.
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in a situation like this, you write a statutory declaration where you mention everything in detail. I dont think tampering with the documents is a good idea..
in teh stat dec you can mention that you fear loosing your job and the reason the letter has study purpose is cos you could not reveal the same to them.
ok i can do this but what would happen when they will call to my employer and ask for detail?
if you provide enough documents to support your CV, they wont call. if they are convinced about it they dont do physical verification
dear i m very sorry to bother u again and again,

but i m also confused abt payments, because of limit of credit card, i cant pay this much amount. now how would i pay to them when i ll apply online?
u can pay from someone elses card too, or you can speak to your card people, make the payment in advance and ask them to waiver this one time payment limit. but best is to use someone elses card.
someone told me that cc cost a little higher and add 2.5%

also what if i be unable to find someone's?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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