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Hi everyone still trying to get my head around this whole immigration process so please bare with me. I am looking for any advice on getting myself out to Australia and the sooner the better. This here is information about me that may sound familiar so if it does please give me some much needed advice.

I am 26 single with no kids. I have a BA Hons degree in sound engineering which I completed last year, and my father is a converted pom now Aussie citizen who has been living in Noosa for other 12 years. I am currently working as a Sales executive but have only been in the position for four months and not the 12 needed. Its is classed under skills as I am selling industrial products which is a plus but still I need those extra months of work experience. I have found however a sponsor in kawana which is regional sponsorship who wants to employ me to develop a product for him relating to my sound engineering degree. He would like me to test and develop ways to reduce the products sound output. Now the problem lies here I think????? with not having relevant work experience in this field but I do have the degree. He is willing to sponsor me but i was told by a migration agent that he would have to have over 10 Australian staff working for him and he has 8. Sods law. Now I am thinking of coming out on a working holiday visa just so i can get out of the UK whilst I sort out the sponsorship as all the relevant bodies are based in Australia. So I would be able to be more productive with my sponsor. However I don't want to leave my job to then find that I cannot get out and have to work another 12 months to get to apply again through my skilled application. So which way is right and which way will leave me maybe stranded??

I hope that made some sense and if anybody has any information regardless of how small or numbers for anyone in and around the brisbane or sunshine coast area who could help I would love to hear from you. It just becomes very frustrating when i am so eager to get out and enjoy Australia when you have a mountain to climb. But as they say it will be worth it when i get there.

Have a great day and many thanks

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