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Hello Everyone,

Newbie here! I've been browsing through this forum since I lodged my application. I'm glad that everyone's really helpful! :)

I lodged my 475 GSM visa application on 6 Jan 2010. My status changed to 'Application Being Processed Further' on 8 Feb, and my Evidence of Skills Assessment (Document Checklist) indicated 'Met' on 11 Feb.

Yesterday, I received an email from ASPC (Subject: GSM Priority Processing Arrangments), stating that since I am not on CSL, my application would UNLIKELY be processed by the end of 2012. I have SS though, so I am unsure if it would really take this long.

Has any of you received this email? If so, do you think it would really take this long for my application to be processed?

Please shed light on my situation. :(
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