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Hi, so I wrote this exact thread before but nobody answered. I would really like some help please, so I'm trying again!

I have asked this before but never got a clear answer.

exactly what is the list of the essential documents I must have to apply for EEA2?

my husband has duel citizenships (one in Greece).
im an American citizen.

my questions:
1. I write a check for 55 pounds correct?
2. do you suggest before mailing my passport I make a certified copy of mine to keep for myself? or just a regular copy?
3. is evidence of relationship require photos of us?
I am going to join his bank account, is there a way to show we have the same bank account (we only use it to collect money, then withdraw. we don't make purchases with it). OH also: a certified copy of our translated marriage certificate.
4. I just send a certified copy of his passport correct? should I send a certified copy of his greek I.D. card AND his Russian passport, or just his greek I.D. card?
5. is one or two paystubs good enough for exercising treaty rights?

and the rest I don't understand really.
should I mail them a copy of the CV I plan on using to apply for jobs?

any one else have any suggestions?
is this all I need (besides application form)?

we currently live in a house of multiple occupancies, so we don't have bills with our names on it. we just pay contract free etc.
should our landlord write a letter saying we both live there etc? will that help?

if someone replies thank you so much. i'm really stressed out whenever I research these things as it makes me feel so cluttered, I would love some suggestions/reassurance.

thank you!
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