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I am American, my husband is Italian and I'm applying for the EEA Family Permit from the US so that I can join him in London. He is a doctorate student and has been living there for 2 years. I am joining him now that I am also done with my graduate degree. We got married earlier this month.

I would love any feedback about the supporting documents that I plan to submit:

1. Cover Letter from my husband explaining our relationship and listing the documents
2. Certified copy of HIS Italian Passport and national Identity card
3. An Apostilled Marriage certificate with english translation
4. Copy of HIS Sublease Agreement with a letter of support (also signed by his current roommate) confirming that I will live with them upon arrival
5. Letter from King’s College London confirming PhD enrollment
6. HIS Bank Statements and savings balance

7. 1 passport photo of me
8. MY bank Statements and savings balance (is this necessary?)
9. MY Payslips (is this necessary? I will quit my job once my visa is approved)
10. Photos over the years including wedding, holidays and Christmas 2007-2015
11. Skype conversation log 2010-2015
12. Samples of our emails throughout the years 2007-2015
13. Any documents given from Biometric appointment
14. Return shipping label

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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