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Hello everyone,

My wife is going to apply for the EEA residence card as family member of an EEA national who is a qualified person (myself - employed with permanent contract). She has got a EEA Family Permit in the previous December and we moved to London in January together. Her visa expires on 18th June 2015 and we are going to do it before this date.

During these months in the UK, we have been living in flatshares without tenancy agreement, council tax or utility bills. We moved in the new flatshare in April, but on this address we managed to obtain only these documents:

- HRMC corresponence for me (tax code)
- HRMC corresponence for my wife (update of NIN address)
- TV licence on my wife's name
- Bank statement on my name.

We are a bit concerened that these documents might not be enough to prove that we are living together. We have some questions regarding this:

1) Do you think that tenancy agreement/council tax/utility bills are essential to prove it?

2) Our flatmate has got a tenancy agreement for this flat (just on his name) and might be willing to provide us a letter stating that we are living here as his guests; would it count as an evidence? Or the landlord has to do it?

3) She will receive a bank letter from her country (not part of EU), confirming her new address here the UK. Is it considered as an proof of address?

4) Would you recommand sending additional evidences to prove that we live together even after submitting the application?

We would appreciate any recommandation or advice from you.
Thank you very much in advance.
Marco and Gvantsa
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