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Please I'm looking for help

I'm a Spanish citizen living and working in Glasgow. currently my wife is living in Cameroon and together we have three children. we applied for the EEA family permits and she will submit the documents the 06/11/2013 in Cameroon.

these are the documents I give for their applications:

• Certified copy of my Spanish passport showing my travel to Cameroon
• Letter of my principal employer
• Pay slips and P60 of my principal employer
• Job Contract of my second employer
• Pay slips of my second employer
• 6 months bank statements
• Council Tax Statement
• Working Tax Credits statement
• My Tenancy agreement
• My divorce certificate (from Spain) with its English translation
• Western union receipts showing money sent to my wife each month
• Print screens of my Facebook page showing pictures of our wedding
• Print screens of my Gmail and my yahoo pages showing emails exchanges between me and my wife from 2005 to 2013
• My old Cameroonian Passport showing all the travel I did to Cameroon to visit Laure and my children
• Certified copy of my PhD degree in Immunology with its English translation
• Prepaid calling cards that I used to keep in touch with my wife and my children
• Well paid job details opportunities for me with my PhD degree

These are the documents she will add:

• Printed and signed VAF5 application forms of my children and I
• her passport and my children’s passports
• her passport-sized colour photographs and children’s passport-sized colour photographs
• her original Cameroonian birth certificate and children’s original birth certificates
• her original Cameroonian wedding certificate
• Photo album showing photographs of my husband and I from 2001 to 2013 including wedding photographs, with date, place and comments beside
• Cover letter from my husband stating that her children and her will be joining him in the UK
• Proof that her husband is exercising his Treaty rights in the UK (my documents)
• Western union receipts showing money received from her husband each month
• Print screens of her yahoo page showing emails exchanges between her and her husband from 2005 to 2013
• her bachelor degree (Licence) in chemistry obtained at the University of Dschang
• Details of potential job opportunities for her in Glasgow

My histoty : I first started my relationship with her in Cameroon in 2001(we were both students at university) , but when I arrived in Spain in 2005 I got married with a spanish lady , and after that I got the Spanish passport. during the moment I was married with the spanish lady I didin't stop my relationship with my partner in cameroon , and during that time we continued having babies. after my divorce with the Spanish lady, I got married with my partner from Cameroon in 2013.

1 - I want just to know the chances for my wife and my children to receive their EEA family permits.
2- can the ECO refuse eea family permits when you already have children with your wife ?
3- I lived together with my wife from 2001-2004 , when we were students at Uni, but we lost all our renting agreements for the times we lived together, but can our first daughter we had during that moment enough to proof that we lived together before ?

Currently I have 2 jobs:
- the 1st full time = 36 hrs / week (but on minimum wage = 6.40 pound/hr), I started this job in january 2013
- the second job I'm working in an agency minimum 10 hrs/week , max 24hrs, I started this job in september 2013
- my total monthly income is 1200 pound per month
- I continue to receive 52 pound each week for the working tax credits from the government

1- can the Eco refuse their EEA family permits because I'm on minimum wage ?
2- can the Eco refuse because I receive the working tax credit ?

please I need your help and your advice

Kind regards
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