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Hi everyone! :)

Firstly I would like to say that I am very thankful for this forum. I have been reading the forum the last few months and learnt a lot with regards to the Do's and Don'ts in what to include in your application.

Just to tell you a little bit about my situation. I am Mauritian and I met my wife who is Dutch, on August 2006 in Zambia at school. We were in the same grade and started exchanging SMS messages. In December 2006 we started dating. We were together till October 2009 when she had to leave with her parents and complete the rest of her high school in Switzerland. We continued our relationship as a long distance relationship. During which I visited her in Switzerland in December 2009 and she visited me in March 2010 and July 2011(for my high school graduation). After we completed our high school we started university in Newcastle in September 2011. We wanted to be together so I chose a lower ranked university just to be in the same city as her.

Three years later (July 2014) she had completed her undergraduate degree while I was left with one more year due to my four year sandwich course. She moved to London to start a master’s degree which was one and a half years long. During that time we visited each other regularly by taking the train. In September 2015 I started my masters degree in Manchester and in January 2016 she moved to Manchester after completing her masters degree. We lived together until August 2016 when she had to move to Oxford to start work. I accompanied her in September 2016 after completing my course. Since then we have been living together. We got married in December 2016 as my student visa was expiring this month and we felt this was the only way for us to be together.

So we have been in a relationship 10 years now, however, ofcourse in terms of the law it doesnt equate to that much as we have only been living together since January 2016. Before that we were living with our parents and during the beginning of university we lived in student accommodation.

Anyway I have been trying to gather as much as I can for my application and so far I have:

EEA national documents:
certified copy of passport
Cover letter exercising her rights as EU citizen
Contract of employment
6 months payslips and letter from employer (we dont have P60 as she has only worked for 6 months)
6 months bank statements ( Just printed online, will have to get it stamped)

Non EU national Documents:
original passport
previous passport
Passport photo
Student BRP

Common documents:
Marriage certificate
2 Tenancy agreements from January 2016 till now
Joint Bank Account since March 2016
Bills (council tax, water,electricity,broadband)
Photographs from 2009 till today (compiled and printed on A4 paper)
Screenshot of email account with exchanged emails from 2009 till 2016
Facebook photos screenshots showing date the pictures were uploaded
Skype conversation
Whatsapp conversation

I have some questions pertaining to my situation. Firstly I will be making my application soon after leaving the UK:

1) Would I need to get a medical certificate for tuberculosis test?
2) Do I need to provide my bank statement in the application? According to the "Guide to Supporting Documents" it suggested that we do
3) Is there any additional document that you would recommend I include?

Also I have been filling in the visa4uk online form and have answered as follows:

Do you intend to work in the UK? (button selection)
Job Description/Title/Rank?
Type of work undertaken?
Who do you live with at the moment and what is your relationship to them?
Parents (answered as per my situation when I get to Zambia)
Who owns your home and what is your relationship to them?
Who supports you financially and what is your relationship to them?

"If the applicant is the spouse/civil partner of the EEA national or a dependant child of either the EEA national or their spouse/civil partner is under 21 then they do not need to provide evidence of financial dependency and therefore this should not be requested from the applicant."

What other family members do you have and where do they live?
How often do you see these family members?

4) Is it acceptable to put N/A for all these questions?
5)I have read in the forum that some people had problems with their application as they didnt provide evidence of financial dependency. It seems that ECO sometimes doesnt follow the rules. Is there anything I can include to further strengthen my application?

Kind Regards,


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I cannot answer all your questions but a few comments;

1) Would I need to get a medical certificate for tuberculosis test?
unless it says somewhere that nationals of X & Y countries need to, then no...

2) Do I need to provide my bank statement in the application? According to the "Guide to Supporting Documents" it suggested that we do
I believe it is suggested possibly for the EEA national to show, the application is based on the EEA national's satatus, not yours. since u have a joint account, why not go to the bank and get those printed and stamped (3 months).
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