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EEA family permit visa to UK

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I am a Yemeni citizen married to a british citizen who is studying in Romania.
I am with him now in Romania and i have the EEA family permit that allows me
To stay in Romania for 5 years. Me and my husband want to travel to the UK
For his summer holidays for 3 months. We are applying for a EEA family permit visa
Which is free of charge. Just wanted to know how much money does he
Need to have in his bank account as i am dependent of him as i recieve
Zero income and he is getting money from his parents in Uk everymonth.
Also that he will go work in Pharmacy for his 3 months holiday to earn more money.

So is there a law on how much he should have in his account as
A minimum.

Thank you
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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