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EEA family permit-q about partnership

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Expatforum gurus,

I was hoping someone can answer this for me.

For a non-EEA national who is applying for the EEA family permit, would a domestic partnership in NY State be recognised as a civil partnership by the UK and for the purposes of proving family relation?

Many thanks for your help!
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It depends on what you mean by 'domestic partner': if by this you mean you are in a stable unmarried heterosexual relationship, then "you must be able to show that you are in a durable relationship with each other" (taken from: UK Border Agency | EEA family permits)

If however by 'domestic partner' you mean you are in a same-sex relationship which has been registered with the relevant authority (which is what is known as 'civil partnership' in the UK), then yes, it is recognised by the UKBA (see link above).
While NY state (same-sex) domestic partnership isn't recognised under Schedule 20 of Civil Partnership Act 2004, and isn't included in subsequent revision of the list, it may still be accepted as equivalent to UK civil partnership for immigration and EEA Family Permit purposes.

For heterosexual, unmarried partnership, you'll need to meet the same requirement as under UK immigration law, which is documented 2 years' cohabitation.
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