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Hi everyone :)

now me from Thailand and my partner who EU from Greece live in Australia by student visa we are gay and met each other here ,we start dating since September 2013 and our student visa will expire march 2016 so we have no idea what we will going to do ? the only thing we want is to live together, we try to live in Australia but still can't find which way
So I try to find information as much I can until I found EEA family permit in UK , then I just thing maybe we can apply this visa because he come from EU country but I still confuse with information so i need some advice and suggestion from you guys
my question is

1.can I apply EEA family visa? (and I have to go back to my country when I apply ?)

2.my partner have to live in UK first ?(because i found that i have to live outside is mean that time my partner have to be there in UK right?)

3.How long I can apply EEA visa after my partner live in UK? (like after 1 year or something like that)

4.if my partner have unemployment when he live in UK , can I apply this visa ?

5.it impossible for him to study some course instead of finding a job to have right for me to apply EEA family permit quickly?
(because we don't know how long he will get a job in UK and if he can study there he have to study like master degree or it's ok just certificate something for 1 year for make him met require from this sentence **that your EEA family member has a permanent right of residence** **that your EEA family member is a ‘qualified person**" )

6.from this "EEA family members
You must show that your EEA family member has a permanent right of residence or is one of the following if they’ve been in the UK for more than 3 months:

-working, eg employment contract, wage slips, letter from employer
-self-employed, eg contracts, invoices, or audited accounts with bank statements, and --paying tax and National Insurance
-studying, eg letter from the school, college or university
-financially independent, eg bank statements"
he just bring letter from his school right ?

7.about the evidence for proof that we lived together for 2 years (this September2015 we will live together for 2 years but we unmarried so we just have some SMS from the phone ,all the picture ,capture from skype when we when back to our country for holiday,some e-mail,some letter from the bank that show we live in the same house because another person sign contact for house not us,our payslip from job that show we live together) is that enough? or should I do something more for example open bank account together is will be to late?

8.any suggestion for us (actually I don't mind if we can have another choice such as another visa or another country if we can live together because we just want to live together)

thank you so much and sorry with my English :angel:

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You have to be able to prove that you have lived together for 2 continuous years. That means having things like joint tenancy, joint bank accounts and joint bills as well as things addressed separately but to the same address. Skypes, emails and texts do not prove that you live together.
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