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Hi there,

I just realise that i might have done a big mistake while gathering documents for my EEA2 application.

For my EEA FP visa application I have submitted:
while outside the UK. ( We came together in the UK )

-photos taken together
- Joint bank account
- Mails received to our address
-some emails with both names

For the EEA2 application, i sent:

- EEA2 Application form
- 2 copies of her recent payslips (monthly payslips)
- Original copy of employment contract
- 1 original copy of Bank statement ( we have a joint account- it shows our address )
- My passport and her ID

So basically i sent documents related to my EU partner employment and our joint bank account statements with our address as i understanding was to prove this time that my EU partner is exercising treat of rights.

I sent EEA2 application 2 weeks ago, my question is:

- Can i send additional documents to UKBA ? (Is it possible?)

Thank you in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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