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Hey Guys
I have been lurking here for a long time but havent had time to post until today.

I am planning to migrate to Australia if everything goes towards my favor.
I have lodged an Migration Skills Assessment through Engineers Australia as a Civil Engineer. My Indian university is recognized under Washington Accord under the Indian Signatory called NBA (National Board of Accreditation).

I had submitted the MSA on 6th March 2015. Until around 11 weeks its status was "Queued for Assessment". However, on the 12th week, that is 3-4 days ago, it changed to "Application Under Assessment". I even called engineers australia, they told me that it might take 13 weeks. Anybody has similar experiences? any body submitted recently??

I have an overall 8 in IELTS. (L-8, S-8, R-9, W-7).
They required me to submit my degree certificate, registration as an engineer in Nepal, IELTS score , my citizenship/passport and my CV

I have some questions to ask here though if you are willing to help.

1) Firstly, are there any chances of getting rejected? Any suggestions why and how?
2) Also, if I get rejected how should I proceed further.

In the meantime I also applied to Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand and got accepted there. So, I am thinking that if my EA outcome is -ve then I should probably go to AIT and finish my masters.
3) So, again a question that I believe I can still apply after my masters if I get a -ve this time and do I apply with my masters degree or through just my bachelors since bachelors is accredited.

4) Lastly, what visa should I be applying (if i do apply) and how much are the charges?

Thank You very much for helping out.
This site has extremely good information for aspiring immigrants.
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