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I submitted my CDR with relevant experience assessment and the Case officer has made the following request regarding the experience from the two companies where my 10 years relevant skills are claimed :

Please provide duty statement as instructed in the MSA booklet.

I already provided experience certificate from the first company where my skills are mentioned under the company letter pad, seal, contact info, name and position of author etc. I am not sure what more can be added regarding the duty statement.
Is a sworn declaration listing my duties enough as the experience certificate is already there ?

Regarding the second company, which is my current company, I cannot obtain any official document stating my duties as it may put my job under risk. What I provided is a document showing my objectives from my company's (I work for the government) performance assessment portal where my tasks were listed. Seems my CO is not content with that. I am thinking of attaching a sworn declaration as mentioned above in this case also.

Has anybody had any experience in this respect ? I would be grateful if you let me know how you get through.

Many thanks for all your :help:
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