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I am new to this forum.

I am computer professional of having 7 years of experience. planning to apply for PR

I have the following doubt about ACS, searched online but didn't get much info relevant to my situation.
If anybody has faced similar like this below or any know about this doubts . Please help me

1, My first company which I have worked is closed now.
a, Since the company is closed will it affect in any way?
b, If I need to get statutory declaration signed by "Team leader" from that company,I have these problems
He wont be having the company ID and Business card. will that be a problem?

2, In My second company all the senior people I know is moved out or not in offshore
in that case a statutory declaration signed my colleague with the same cadre(level) is acceptable or not.?

3, Through out this 7 years of work , my designation are like this below
i, First 3.5 years (Team member technical - My work was coding testing and designing as same as
Software engineer (1st Company)
ii, software engineer 1.5 years (2nd Company)
iii, Technology Analyst (2.1 years) till date (3rd Company) - (coding, Unit testing, Bug fixing and Maintenance)

In this case against which designation I should apply for ACS, Can I use the first and second
experience to apply for a Software Engineer?

4, , For statutory declaration , what should be value of the stamp paper ?
I read through the Forums people are saying white paper and sign from Notary. got confused whether a stamp paper is required or not.

Thanks in Advance

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1a - No
1b - Not sure
2 - Not acceptable, latest ACS guideline clearly says senior people only
3 - Designation does not matter, roles and responsibilities only
4 - Use 50 Rs SP

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even 20 rs stamp paper is enough...
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