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Just for information.
I am posting this because we faced couple of confusing moments and it has taken extremely long time.

Seychelles hospital is not enrolled in e-medical system.
So, they dont ask for referral letter which is available for downloading from immiaccount.
Steps are like this:
1. Come to Victoria hospital and get an appointment (no documents required).
2. Come on the appointed day, bring forms 26 and 160 (download it from internet) with you, complete initial checkings like weight, height, eyesight etc, blood test (for HIV) and x-ray (you will have to wait blood test results up to 10 days) and same day get an appointment to meet panel physician (try to get the same on step 1 otherwise you will have to wait up to 1 month).
3. Finalise with panel physician and organize for courier delivery of these 2 forms to Australian High Comission in Mauritius (they will proceed and forward it to Australia, we lost few days trying to fnd out how to send documents directly to Australia but nobody can give proper information as contacts and adress so dont spoil your head, just send it to Mauritius).
Thats all.
After your documents reach Australia (Sydney I guess) information will be updated in immiaccount showing that they got it and its under assessment. After couple of weeks more it will show that medicals are finalized.

It took about 2 months for us from the day when I first came to get an appointment till the day when it was finalized in Australia.
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