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Hi Anders,

Yes many Cypriots treat their dogs cruelly but there are many who love their animals.
The one who treat their animals badly tend to be the hunters and the farmers who are ignorant and think that animals have no souls and therefore cannot suffer.
There are some excellent vets, pets shops and more importantly for expats who want to travel there are some good boarding kennels.
There are also some people who will take your dog into their home while you are away and treat it like their own. This is obviously far less stressful for the animal than being in kennels.
Our little dog has so many people who love him and have offered to look after him anytime we want to go away so we don't need to worry about kennels. Our main problem is our cat who hates being in a cattery and screams the whole time so we have to get someone to come and stay in our house when we go away to look after the cat:rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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