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Does holding Canadian PR affects the outcome of AUS PR application?

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I'm holding Canadian PR and visited the country last year to claim my PR. Now I got an invite from Australia for 190 VISA. Below are my doubts:
a) Does holding Canadian PR affects the outcome of the AUS PR application?
b) In the 190 Visa application, they are asking for 10 years travel history. While I enter my Canada visit, what should I give as reason for the visit ? Holiday and leisure or select other and provide details as PR related visit?

Please advise me here. Your guidance here is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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No, it will never affect your AUS PR. If you are working in Canada then you have to tell that otherwise you can mention what you like.
Thanks for the reply! I'm not working in Canada. I just went there to claim my PR and returned in a week's time. That's where I'm confused, whether to say that it's for PR claim or can just mention holiday & leisure. My one time entry VISA to Canada is there on passport. As you mentioned that Canada PR won't affect AUS PR decision, I think it's better to mention the travel is for PR
This helps me to have a perspective. Since you made it clear that CAN PR doesn't affect AUS PR or rather it might help, I think it makes sense to tell the actual reason for visit, which is a safe bet.

Thanks a lot! Your quick and clear response is much appreciated!
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