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Hi everyone,

I have unfortunately failed EA assessment. :sad:

I graduated from BE in electronics in 2012 and have worked in IT ever since.

I worked as
Organization 1:
Trainee(10 July 2012-9 July 2013) India
Software Engineer (10 Jul 2013-4 Nov 2015)

Completed a 92 week Australian Masters in IT

Organization 2:
Systems Analyst (3 Oct 2017- 2 Mar 2018)

Organization 3:
Associate Consultant (5 Mar 2018- Present)

I want to ask three things.
1. Does my failure in EA hurt my chances in ACS?
2. Can my qualifications and work experience get me an ACS accreditation?
3. I've worked in a variety of roles, what profile should I apply with in ACS?

I have valid VISA until end of 2019 but want to get things done fast if possible.

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