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Hi, please could I just ask some help before we go ahead and submit for our visa application. These are the supporting documents we have...

Printed out application form
Printed and filled out Appendix 2 (VAF4A)- competing section 3F cash savings

Current passport
Previous passport
2 passport pictures
Letter of introduction
Certificate of current employment

Original Marriage certificate
Photos of courting, marriage up to present

IELT's certificate
TB test report
printed out confirmation that IHS has been paid

Sponsor -
Letter of introduction
current passport (photocopy)
1 passport picture
Sponsorship undertaking form - this is the one I am having trouble filling in... I am the sponsor for my husband and we have the required savings and will be staying initially with my sister... at present my husband and I are both in the Philippines. The form says 'The sponsor giving this undertaking must be resident in the United Kingdom." Do I still fill this form?

Financial -
Savings accounts for 6 months - there are four accounts and total 68,000pounds.
letter from parents explaining their cash gift last October

Accomodation -
Letter from my sister inviting us to stay with her rent free
house inspection report
sisters mortgage agreement
council tax bill

Is there anything we have missed that needs to be there? Is it correct that we submit a copy of all the above documents ...
Thanks so much

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I think it looks good.
Resident is defined as someone having the right to live in the UK permanently.
I don't think you need that sponsorship form at all for a spousal visa. It is just for dependent adult relatives, I think.
Best of luck.

Edited to add- yes you want to include a copy and I don't see biometric form in the list.
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