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Documents (Received / Met)

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What is the difference between status Met and Received?

And how my CO asked for the MED & PCC and my documents status wasn't change to MET... Still received.

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required is when they hv not received the documents, received is when they have, met is when they have gone through the documents and are done with that part. most of the times the online status is not changed.. yeah they dont update the site. many people complain of the same but they normally dont ask for Meds/PCC till everything is clear. which means once they ask for meds and PCC, you are almost there and all the other requirements are met irrespective of what the online status shows
You are a shining star Anj!!!


BTW, what happened with your case?
my case? what case? whose case? the DIAC seems to have forgotten me hahaha..
nothing yet, i am in teh non CSL ss category, changed from 175 to 176 so i stil hv time to hear good things but we got a mail from ACT saying they have been after DIAC to speed up the non csl ss applications as they need the skill.. lets see where, when and how :). I am not complaining, making the best of now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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