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Hi Everyone!

I'm hoping to send all this off in the next couple weeks for my spouse visa. Just waiting on a couple things from my husband in the U.K. But here's my list of what I'll be including.

Have I forgotten anything?


1. Printed application
2. Appendix 2
3. Visa fee receipt
4. IHS receipt
5. Biometrics receipt
6. VFS priority receipt
7. Current and previous passports
8. 2 passport photos
9. Signed letter of introduction
10. Divorce certificate


1. Certified copy of passport
2. Signed sponsorship letter
3. Signed SU07/12 form


1. 6 months bank statements
2. 6 months payslips
3. Letter from employer
4. Latest P60


1. Tenancy agreement
2. Letter from council stating that I will have permission to live there
3. Council tax bill
4. Utility bill (O2 phone)


1. Marriage certificate
2. Pictures from beginning middle and current times in relationship
3. Flight itineraries printed (printed confirmation emails from airlines)
4. Screen shots of messenger correspondence at different time periods leading up to current
5. Screen shots of WhatsApp correspondence
6. Copies of stamps in sponsors passport from visits
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