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I will be applying from India for a spouse visa to UK around the third week of December. I have a weeks more in UK before I return to India, so I just wanted to make sure that we got all the documents right as it would be very difficult to organise anything from India since my British husband would also be travelling with me.
We are quite anxious about the whole thing as the requirements seem to be getting tighter and tighter. Just when we feel that we have got everything figured out, we find out from somewhere that we missed something!

Sorry for this long list. I just want to know from the senior experienced expats here if there is anything we have missed out so that I still have time to sort it out.

Here is the list! I really appreciate your patience.

Applicant’s Documents
Covering Letter from applicant
Indian Driving Licence
English Exam Certificate
Tuberculosis Test Report
Work Experience in India - Certificates

Proof of Accommodation in UK – will be staying with my in-laws in their 4-bedroom house
Letter from Parents – stating their willingness to have us stay with them and the gift of £62500 cash to help us start off
Passport photocopies of parents
Land registry in Original
Water Bill
Council Tax Bill
Home Insurance policy
Property Inspection Report

Financial Requirements – showing the full amount of £62500 in cash savings which is a gift from my parents-in-law to my husband
Two Bank Statements covering the 6-month period (June to November; we will be applying in the third week of December)
Parents’ bank account statement showing that the money has been transferred from their account to my husband’s account
Question: My husband is enclosing a covering letter. Is it enough if he includes the declaration of the source of the cash savings in this letter or should he make a separate letter for this and attach it with the bank statements?

Relationship Proof – we have been married for 8 years and based out of India although travelling within Europe each year for 5-6 months, to the UK on a visitors’ visa and mainland Europe on Schengen visa. We have been volunteering with a charitable organisation for all these 8 years – the organisation pays for our travel, stay and food expenses. We are always together volunteering on the same site. This means that we have no emails or telephone call records to show as relationship proof.
Indian Marriage Certificate
Applicant’s Visas – UK and Schengen
Letter from the Head of the organisation in India confirming that we are living together and have been volunteering in India
Letter from Regional Head for Europe confirming that we are a couple and have been doing voluntary work together
Invites sent by the local organisation from different countries in Europe inviting us to come together for specific periods of time
Flight Tickets of travel together, railway tickets in India to show travel together
Telephone bill of our house in India
Indian Driving Licence of both spouses showing same residence address
Citibank Joint account statements from India covering 2 years
Photos showing us together on our travel, with family, etc

Sponsor’s Documents (my husband)
Covering Letter from my husband
Passport Copy
UK Birth Certificate
UK Driving Licence as proof of Address in UK

SO, thats the list! Is there anything we have missed or overlooked???

Thank you again for your patience.

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Looks largely ok.
A few comments:
You don't need to include work experience certificate.
Your in-laws should write two separate letters, one about offer of accommodation and another about gift of money, and put them together with other relevant documents.
A few unnecessary items but won't matter.

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I suppose this means that my husband should also make 2 letters. One general letter about our relationship and another about the Savings account regarding the source of funds?
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