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Does the house in Sydney need air-con in summer, and heater in winter?
Air Contidion is always good (I open the Balcony as well where there would be flow of breeze, I love that), personally I never used heater, but my roomies used to always use heater for few minutes in the Winter.:rolleyes: (Our AC had both Cooling and Heating in one).

Even in Winter, morning and evening it will be cold (It will go to 2/3/5 degrees) but in the day time, it would be like some 16-22 degrees). I remember, when I walk to station from my home (5 mins) in the morning while going to office, I enjoy the chillness ;) It would be freezing lol. I just wear a normal jacket top, that was sufficient. But generally people find it very cold atleast from May end to July end. Depends on individuals how one react to cold.

I also lived in a Studio Apartment where there was no AC/Heater but just table fan, that too in Summer, it was more than good too.

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