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Do i need to take protection injection?

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I m wondering if I really need to take protection injections when I live or travel south africa? I hear normally people take those when departure cuz of some diseases there..
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check with the SA embassy whereever you are.
Yellow fever was mandatory when I left,it might still be.
(or you can spend a few hours waiting for a Doctor at OR Tambo Airport as I did when I forgot my vaccination card)
I went to SA last year with a 3 month old baby and NO injections were needed. I specifically checked with our GP as we were travelling with such a young baby. All depends were you are going to be. We stayed in Cape Town and it is a major world city as far as healthcare is concerned. We too are thinking of emigrating later this year to SA and for the visa you will need a chest xray unless going on a tourist visa.
It depernds on where you are coming from.
were you coming from the UK?
or India/Africa?
what is the prevalence of yellow fever in the UK?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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