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I have a very tricky question. I am wondering if I have to disclose all of my work experience in EOI or PR application (189)? I worked as a freelance interpreter when I was in china for about three years, bcoz i was self-employed, all of my income was cash in hand, I had no record of tax payment as well (never paid). Due to these, my agency convinced me to make a work certificate from a friend who owns a company stating that I worked at the company for three years. I know what i did it was not right and seriously awlful, but agencies in china can do anything for money, I should not have listened to them, but i was so busy with my work, so relied totally on the agent , and I did not even bother to read anything on website myself, if i knew it would be an offence, I would never have done that. Now it is too late as it has already been done.

the question is if I can leave the employment history out in Eoi and Visa application so that I can avoid that problem. I am a bad liar, and my conscious has never been settled since then (having nightmares almost every night).

If I get asked to fill FORM 80 in future, do I have to write down the work experience on the misleading work certificate? I think it is too late for me to do the right thing ( by stating my true self-employed work experience as immi dep will find out the work experience i provided in student visa application and pr application is not consistent.

Please advise. Thank you
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