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I just want to confirm with you the documents we have are acceptable for the accommodation evidence and then the things we still need to get before applying for the fiancé visa.

We have:

· Accommodation letter of introduction – this is just me stating that we have the following documents to show that this is where we intend to live.
· Confirmation of acceptance of the offer on the property by the vendor.
· Mortgage offer document from HSBC – this is dated 24 August 2017 and states a clause ‘After the 7 day reflection period is over, the conveyancer will proceed with the legal work required and you won't need tell them that you wish to accept our offer’. The offer is time bound and states that it is valid until 20 February 2018. The property is the same address and has the same postcode as the other documents.
· Property information – this is details from the Estate Agent for the property with a floor plan and pictures of each room.
· Memorandum of sale – from the Estate Agent with the details of all parties and the address of the property.
· Property reservation confirmation – letter confirming a £500 holding fee has been given from me.
· Land Registry plan – showing the property.
· Contract of sale – signed by both parties with the completion date.

Things I think we still need:

· Details of the deposit held as stakeholder – need to arrange this to be paid and confirmation letter.
· Letter from solicitor stating that I complete on (property name) on (date).

Do I also need to send the mortgage certificate that states how much I can borrow? This was created before the mortgage offer letter, but I found it and not sure whether we need it.

Is there anything else that we need?

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