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Do I have a chance to sell (right side steering) car in France (i.e. for spares)

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I am planning to take (from UK) to France our 12 years old Rover25, drive it for 6 months and than get rid of it as it seems its too much hassle to re-register it in France. Is there any chance to sell such a car for spares in France or shall I go straight ahead to metal scrap place? Any ideas?
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There are surprisingly still a fair amount of "recent" Rover cars running around in and near Rennes - an MG version of the Rover 25 turned up recently at our monthly classic car get together - we put cars of that age into our "youngtimers" section.

If it's in reasonable condition it would be a pity to see it go for spares and scrap. No idea where you are based in France but there is an association of expats in central Brittany that helps people get their cars registered. Have a look at their web site :

Association Intégration Kreiz Breizh

I've only got experience of registering a classic car over here - it wasn't difficult.

Bon courage,
I managed to sell my RHD Mondeo this year. I used Le Bon Coin and although I said it was RHD and on UK plates I had plenty of enquiries. The main thing people requested was the Certification de Conformité so they can import it to France.
In opposition to morrisminorbzh, I think I can count the number of Rovers that I have seen in France on one hand! Perhaps they are just very popular in Rennes.
Yes Rovers were popular here, we had quite a large dealership in Rennes which now sells BMWs - especially their "mini" (which isn't very mini) - you can still get spares for Leyland Minis there and they have a very good mechanic who knows how to tune SU carbs which is very useful for my Morris Minor. On a long run I get 45 mpg to the gallon (imperial) - not bad for a 1970 Minor.
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