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Did the earth move for you?

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We just had an earth tremor:eek:
I felt the sofa I am sitting on shake. :scared:
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Apparently we have regular tremors but most are not felt because they are too mild or out to sea.
It was a 3.9 magnitude at 10:52pm, 5Km deep, epicenter Konia.
Veronica, what on earth were you doing?
It must have been the baked beans:D
Since 1990 all houses have been built to strict anti seizmic regulations but in fact the danger is very small as most tremors are not even felt and certainly don't do any damage.
There are some very old villages up in the mountains that were long abandoned after an earthquake as the houses were not built to be earthquake proof. Its quite eerie going round these villages, like old ghost towns with personal possessions still in the crumbling houses.
I never knew either until my wife told me. She was in Paphos for the one in 1996 that was over 6.0. Apparently there were noticeable aftershocks for days. She also told was that many, many people didn't want to stay in their homes especially those that lived in apartment buildings so they camped out in their cars by the beaches. Now, I don't know if Paphos would ever be at risk for a tsunami ( I doubt it) BUT I think I would rather camp out on higher ground if I were to do that!!
apparently the med is not a big enough expanse of water for a tsunami to build up even with a major quake out to sea. We might get some big waves but not tsunami sized.:clap2::clap2:
Ok the next time I feel the houseshake I'm heading for the hills:D
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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