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Did the earth move for you?

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We just had an earth tremor:eek:
I felt the sofa I am sitting on shake. :scared:
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I never knew either until my wife told me. She was in Paphos for the one in 1996 that was over 6.0. Apparently there were noticeable aftershocks for days. She also told was that many, many people didn't want to stay in their homes especially those that lived in apartment buildings so they camped out in their cars by the beaches. Now, I don't know if Paphos would ever be at risk for a tsunami ( I doubt it) BUT I think I would rather camp out on higher ground if I were to do that!!
I had a feeling Kimonas would know the answer to that one. Thanks :) I was too lazy to google it! So, higher ground it is IF I ever felt the need to be out of a built-up area! That said, if it were the size Kimonas mentioned that would be no good either. "Que sera, que sera" eh!?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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