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Did the earth move for you?

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We just had an earth tremor:eek:
I felt the sofa I am sitting on shake. :scared:
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funny you should say that , I never had Cyprus down as in risk of Earthquakes until last week. Wife was out there for Job interview and during the process she was made aware that they are routinely practising earthquake drills as its believed Cyprus is over due one.
That's surprising considering the way everything is built to be earthquake resistant. Also a quick look at the history of Cyprus will show the influential effects past earthquakes have had.

In fact Cyprus sits at the end of the 2nd largest earthquake zone on the planet with hundreds of events recorded each year although most are of no significance.

You can find some interesting details if you Google Cyprus Earthquakes and a good general overview here:


There is also a live seismology graph at:

Home - Cyprus Storms Live

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@peteandsylv, I dont actually as yet live in Cyprus, hoping to move when the time is right
learning more and more about the island all the time and earthquake zone is something I hadnt even considered until last week . as they say you learn something new everyday.
Actually I thought you were living here as your header flags indicate. Nevertheless I hope the links I gave you are helpful and of interest.

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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