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Current employment: Roles and responsibilities letter (RNR)

I have detailed HR department issued experience summary letters from all my previous employers.

However, for my current employment all I have is a proof of employment letter from the HR department, that covers everything except my current roles and responsibilities.

To get a RNR letter from the HR deparment I need approval from my current supervisor.

I cannot risk requesting my supervisor to issue me a RNR as that most likely would jeopardize my employment.

For ACS, I mitigated this by submitting an Statutory Declaration (SD) from a colleague of mine. I had also submitted a SD from my self explaining why I am unable to furnish a Roles and Responsibilities letter from my HR.
And ACS accepted these documents.

Could the wise in this clarify if I could go the SD route for the DIBP current employment RNR document, if I were to get an invite ?

You have to submit to DIBP also along with the application, the complete set of documents that you have submitted to ACS when getting the skills assessment done.
Those documents should be sufficient but in case the CO wants any more specific documents, he will ask for it

Many members have submitted SD for their RNR and have successfully got their PR Grant.
Its not unique to you and its quite a common practice, although Reference letter is any day preferable then a SD and should only be used as a last resort

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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