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hi folks. just been reading your colourful discussions over the last couple of days and it have just reinforced our desire to retire to spain in the next couple of years.
my main query is cost of healthcare.

i was recently diagnosed with diabetes and although on tablets currently the likelihood is i will be going onto insulin.

is there anyone out there with the same fun problems as me that would be able to advise on the availability and cost of related drugs.

we will be retiring over to spain but i am a way off retirement age yet. i know it can be cheaper when you reach a certain age

many thanks to anyone who can throw any light on the subject
I know the chap next door to me has type 2 diabetes and takes metformin for it, I dont know how he gets his meds tho, I'll ask him when I see him if no one else has the info.

Jo xxx
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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